Our Mission

The ALCN exists so that Australia becomes a nation of connected, life-long learning communities

What does the ALCN do?

The ALCN leads advocacy to commonwealth and state governments, educational institutions, businesses and community organisations to grow life-long learning communities.

The ALCN facilitates the co-creation of knowledge and support for practitioners.


 Jo Patten Learning Coordinator has written:

“there are some great resources on your website which I am finding very useful.”

New Digital Download Resources: 

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Securing Livelihoods for All – Foresight for Action (NEW! May 2015)

Lifelong Learning strategic action plan 2014-2017 Townsville (NEW! May 2015)

The Lifelong Learning Strategic Action Plan 2014-2017 builds upon the previous Lifelong Learning Strategic Action Plan 2012-2014. It recognises the importance of learning to the ongoing development of a strong, vibrant and economically sustainable community. It is recognised that individuals who engage in lifelong learning are more likely to participate actively in society and community life which fosters community cohesion and development.

A complete list of resources can be found here: Resource Library




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